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Sami Fayed Photography


SUPPORT WILDERNESSShort trailer about the work of European Wilderness Society (EWS) in Austria. The EWS supports Organizations and Nationalparks with its knowledge to help to protect and safe Europe´s last wilderness.

Special thanks to:
Nationalpark Kalkalpen, Austria
Wildlife enclosures, Bavarian Forest Nationalpark, Germany
Wildlife enclosures, Heiderhof, Germany
Local community of Burglahr, Germany
Ann Christine Smuk, Finnmark, Norway

Shots are captured in:
Nationalpark Kalkalpen, Austria,
Wildlife enclosures, Bavarian Forest Nationalpark, Germany,
Wildlife enclosures, Heiderhof, Germany,
Burglahr, Germany
Finnmark, Norway
The Drummaker (Version 2)The art of drum making. This Video describes, how Jorge "Two Eagles" Lewis makes drums in the traditional way of drum making.
Stille Wanderer (english version)
The RangerbeltDieser Film zeigt die Herstellung eines traditionellen Rangerbelts. Dieser Ledergürtel wurde zu Zeiten der Cowboys gerne als Arbeitsgürtel getragen.
Der Film zeigt die aufwendige Verarbeitung in fast allen Schritten in ruhigen und detaillierten Bildern.
SECRETS OF KENYAI made this short film together with my friend Reinhard Mink in Kenya, during a Photographic Workshop.
It was the first time, that I shot pictures like this with a film-camera, a small camera..... a Leica V-LUX 4.
Mushing is my lifeThis is a short portrait about Nina Skramstad, a professional musher from Norway, during her battle in the Finnmarkslopet 2013, the longest, northernmost sleddograce of the World...1000km!
The singing Samburu women
FRIENDSThis video is a homage to all Mammals of the Ocean, special the Dolphins.
The footage were taken during our cruises between Sperm-whales at the Azores islands.
Shoots are taken with a Pole-cam (Gopro) without any view through the camera.
REINDEERLANDFor Ann Christin, Arwo, Michael and Anita.
Thank you for all, I never forget this trip.
Mushing in Sweden